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Introducing the “Educational Store” at FTPT

We are very pleased to announce the rollout of the “Educational Store” at FTPT with our first offered lecture, Modern Perspectives on Pain Science: Part 1.  This downloadable video is a 56 minute presentation on the basics of pain science and is excellent material to help further your knowledge base on this subject.  This lecture is meant for movement professionals and is my best interpretation on this subject area.

-Joe B

Download today and learn!



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  1. I would love to have a chance to purchase this content, however, I have had issues with paypal in the past. Is it possible to mail a check or use some other means to purchase this?

    • I do apologize but the program is currently set up to offer download after accepting a pay-pal payment. I plan on updating the video and audio content as well as payments, over the next couple of weeks, so this should only be temporary.

  2. Thanks for the prompt reply Joeseph! I’ll be checking out the site to watch for the updates! I appreciate all the work you guys do on this blog.

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