We Believe. Join Forward Thinking PTs by Considering NxtGen Orthopaedic Residency

As our model of clinical practice and education evolve, I would recommend anyone considering Orthopaedic Residency, or Manual Therapy Fellowship (or COMT) to consider  Nxt Gen Institute of Physical Therapy (NGI).  NGI is taking progressive initiatives, with its partnering mentoring faculty, to establish internships, residencies and fellowships.  With the changing healthcare markets, NGI strives to be a leader in providing quality PT education, clinical education must move the Physical Therapy profession forward by  embracing patient-centered care where critical thinking and clinical reasoning are the most essential foci in autonomous practice environments ,free of retribution for doing so.  NGI offers programs that can be accessed virtually anywhere in the United States (distance-based), to allow you to continue to practice, while completing the majority of a formal residency.   NGI also incorporates multiple levels of knowledge measurement, to not only enhance your likelihood of becoming board-certified, but also to incorporate that knowledge into clinical practice.  Will you be part of the Nxt Gen?

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