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Public Perception

I was on twitter earlier when I saw a post by Dr. Bill Egan, @egan_w, regarding a recent article in SJ Magazine regarding a patient poll of the “Top Docs” in the South Jersey region.  Despite a wide array of listings, there were no physical therapists included in the poll.



While this is disconcerting, what is our plan in altering the public’s perception of our place and value, within a physician dominated healthcare system?  Here is a 2009 article on the subject and here is an overview of the APTA’s current branding campaign.

Do you suspect the current branding campaign is working?  And what are you doing in your clinic, to define your value?

What if we created a very “simple” meme, and every PT on social media shared it on their Facebook page?

(ie. Go to PT, vs. MD, first for any ache or pain)

– Joe B




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  1. I think a simple meme may be the way to go. If you look around the physical therapy profession you have Cert MDTs, OCS (and all other specialities), FAAOMPT, FAAPT, movement specialists, and now osteopractors. It’s not surprising that the public generally does not have a good idea of what we are or what we do. Although further credentialing may help with patient care (most likely by improving critical reasoning) these various names/abbreviations are confusing to the public. We need to be more unified.

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