Frustrated with the integration of evidence into practice? Give it 17 years…

A study published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine assessed the infamous 17 year time lag in the integration of research into practice. The researchers concluded that understanding lags first requires:

1. agreeing models, definitions and measures, which can be applied to practice.

2. Developing a process  by which to gather data to #1

While researchers assessed literature for this 17 year window, they cautioned readers this may or may not fit in healthcare research.  They pointed out the presence and concerns of time-lags, but reported the current state of time-lags are unresolved.

So all of this considered…

What were you doing 17 years ago?   

-Joe B



Morris ZS, Wooding S, Grant J. The answer is 17 years, what is the question: understanding time lags in translational research. J R Soc Med. 2011; 104: 510-520.



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  1. Ha. I will have 18 years as an LMT in march. I finally finished my BS in 2012. What is that? A year shy of a random study not yet replicated and yet more evidence of the theocratic elements and pretensions of science? (I do have to occasionally represent the stereotypes attributed to CAM now and then)

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