Purchase MedBridge from FTPT, AND Treat the Pain

Ok.  So I was inspired by this video by one of my favorite filmmakers, Casey Neistat, and wanted to make a pledge.

ForwardThinkingPT is a proud affiliate of MedBridge.  We occasionally offer deals for this great product, and in return, it helps power our site.   If you purchase MedBridge this month through ForwardThinkingPT, THIS LINK (YES, YOU MUST CLICK HERE OR THE LINK BELOW FOR US TO TRACK), ForwardThinkingPT will donate 30% of our affiliate proceeds to Treat the Pain.  Treat the Pain is an international program within the American Cancer Society which improves access to pain medications to those in low to middle income countries.


This deal ends on 10/31/2014 at 11:59pm.

(Disclaimer: This offer is through ForwardThinkingPT only and the views expressed on this page are those of ForwardThinkingPT).
Find our more about Treat the Pain at

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