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Let’s Improve Clinical Education…

When I started blogging, my primary objective was to bring evidence and research to the practicing clinician.   This objective has evolved over the years, and at FTPT (as well as the Nxt Gen Institute), we are attempting to move the profession forward through advocacy, education and better practice.

One attempt at doing this is improving the clinical education process.  As many of you know, there is a large variance on what is taught in clinical education, which may or may not fit the students individual needs.   We believe a better matching process could help students match with like-minded clinicians.   To do this, we have created a very simple database, to gather a pool of clinicians and educators who would be interested in taking on students and residents (from any University or Residency program).   We are hoping this database could be used by educational institutions when looking for the best (not simply the available) clinical match.

We believe in moving the profession forward but need your help.   If you are a forward-thinking clinician,  we hope you would consider getting into the database for educating the nxt generation of DPTs.


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  1. I think this is a great tool to connect students with clinical education. How does the process happen especially with setting up contracts between the sites and the schools? Does NxtGen handle that or are we as the clinical sites responsible?

  2. Great question Matthew! We are simply collecting a list of quality providers that would be accessible to Universities and institutions. It would then be up to the University to set up a contract with the desired clinician. We are simply attempting to connect the two.

    Finding quality clinical sites and clinicians is pertinant for the advancement of our profession and we are just trying to offer what we can to assist…

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