Friday’s Review of CSM

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1. Untamed memories: The role of past trauma in the development of chronic pain.

Pain is built on expectation. 30% of injuries become chronic.

As physical therapist we must understand the patients Journey, we need to know where they have been, what they belief, what they have been told, what are their fears. We may want to be more concerned with this as opposed to where they currently are.

Our goal is to change what they know about what is going on and change their expectations.

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2. Transitioning from acute to chronic pain: Predictors and Prevention #APTACSM

Dr George suggested that we may need to change the way we attempt to make prediction about who will transition from acute to chronic pain. He began with presenting two different prediction models

2 types of prediction models. –

  1. classic, set of conditions make prediction based on those (math, science, stats)
  2. looks at factors, acknowledges that they may be dynamic in nature

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3. Google Glass in PT education and Clinical practice #aptacsm

What is google glass? 

Google Glass is a head mounted display that presents your smart phone device within your visual field on a small screen.  It has the ability to takes pictures, record videos, answer questions, translate voice to another language, make calls and stream videos to name a few. The device uses Google applications such as Maps, Google+, Gmail and others. Has touchpad to scroll through windows, may set up to control with head tilts or eye winking.

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