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Here are some things that we would like to share, going on “Around the Web”

1. #HackNxtGenPT :  This is a contest for DPT Students to share how they are going to move the profession forward.  This contest is open through mid-March and really would recommend you check it out!

2. Healthy, Wealthy & Smart:  In Episode 144, Dr. Karen Litzy sits down with Dr. Francois Prizinski and Dr. Bob Duvall to discuss the future of Post-Graduate Physical Therapy Education in an evolving reimbursement market. Now more than ever, this matters…

3. Keep Your Hands:  Over at PT Think Tank, Dr. Eric Robertson shares his observation of “Conservatively, about 50% of the students reports that they were expressly forbidden by clinic policy to treat hands, elbows, and to a lesser degree, shoulders.”

4. The Manual Therapist: Interview with the Osteopractor: Dr. Erson Religioso sits down with Dr. Harrison Vaughn to discuss the hot debate of this title…

5. Warm Body with a License: In this introspective blog short (and discussion), Barrett Dorko reflects upon a recent experience some of us encounter (we may be nothing more than a warm body with a license)



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