Nxt Gen Institute of Physical Therapy Announces Partnership w/ Dr. Erson Religioso

At the Nxt Gen Institute of Physical Therapy, we have the vision to move the Physical Therapy profession forward by influencing the culture of the Physical Therapy community with novel post-professional educational opportunities that result in physical therapists delivering distinguishably optimal Physical Therapy care and patient advocacy. To do this, we are in a continuous search for talent to help us achieve our vision.

We are excited to announce Dr. Erson Religioso will be joining us as an equity partner and act in the role of Vice President of Quality & Compliance for our Accredited Orthopedic Residency and Manual Therapy Fellowship programs.  He will also continue to act as Director of the Temporomandibular Management Certification.   We believe his own dedication to education, as well as his advocacy and outreach, made him a great fit for the organization.

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  1. Great news!
    Hope our work about Osteopathic techniques (‘Osteopathic treatment of low back pain and sciatica caused by disc prolapse’) also helps physicians of physical therapy on their practice.

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