News Just Published the Worst Top 100 List of All Time

As a science-informed physical therapist, I strive to utilize the best blend of evidence and scientific plausibility to drive my practice. Like many of you, I work countless hours in an attempt to better the lives of my patients.  I often spend a significant amount of my sessions attempting to pursuade them what they googled, read, or watched on TV, may not constitute as the best medical advice.

A few hours ago, I saw a trending story, The 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness, from the folks of   While I wasn’t expecting much, I clicked on the link, read through the list, vomited several times, and then wrote this review.

To summarize, this list is compiled of pseudoscientists, actors, healers, nutritional advisors, “divas”… you get my point.   There is one PT on the list, but he also comes with some criticism within the scientific circles.  Here are a few individuals who appeared on this list (along with the individuals tagline from the Greatist author):

5.  Dr. Mehmet Oz: The Controversial Media Doc

14. Joseph Marcela: The Alternative Medicine Evangelist

22. Gwyneth Paltrow: The Wellness Starlet

23. Veni Hari: The Reigning Queen of Controversy

46. Jen Selter: Instagram’s Most Famous Backside

Alright, you get the idea…

This list is very, very concerning.  We need to ensure we become louder voices and advocates for science.  We need to ultimately protect the consumer from being influenced by those who prey on the concept of “…what they don’t want you to know”.   We need to popularize the concept that the “alternative to alternative medicine” is sexy AND supported by scientific plausibility.

Now how do we make science sexy?


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  1. The most influential are often the most foolish. I suppose measured, evidence-based, and reasonable voices are less likely to create a media empire. Quite the conundrum for those who want to educate without being bombastic and bull-headed. But, you are right, science education needs to up its game.

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