CPR for Pulmonary Embolism

Clinical Pretest Probablility of PE

0-3 points is a low, 9% probability of PE

4-10 points is an intermediate, 28% probability of PE

>11 points is a high, 72% probability of PE

Predictor Variable Score

Age 65 years or over 1
Previous DVT or PE 3
Surgery or fracture within 1 month 2
Active malignant condition 2
Unilateral lower limb pain 3
Haemoptysis 2
Heart rate 75 to 94 beats per minute 3
Heart rate 95 or more beats per minute 5
Pain on deep palpation of lower limb and unilateral oedema 4


1. Le Gal G, Righini M, Roy RM, et al. Prediction of Pulmonary embolism in the emergency department: the revised Geneca score. Ann Internal Med. 2006;144:165-171.

2. Klok FA, Kruisman E, Spaan J, et al. Comparison of the revised Geneva score with the Wells rule for assessing clinical probability of pulmonary embolism. J Thromb Haemost. 2008;6:40-44.

3. Calisir C, Yavas US, Ozkan IR, et al. Performance of the Wells and revised Geneva scores for predicting pulmonary embolism. Eur J Emerg Med. 2009;16:49-52.


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